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Our Mischief

The Fellas | The Gals

The Fellas

Introducing our wonderful boys!

LWRW Barry LWRW Chip
LWRW Barry
Black-Eyed Agouti Point Siamese
Barry is a big silly squish. He's large compared to his sibling and has an adorable bumbling personality to match. He's very much like his father, SLR Rick Sanchez which we consider to be a huge plus. No one can resist Barry! Right Other Barry?

Black Variegated
Chip came back to us after his adopter could no longer keep him. He is a very friendly and curious boy who loves to explore everywhere. He gives kisses often, and begs for attention every time he sees someone. We just adore him.

tBBR Brave Heart Lion PNZY Cid

tBBR Brave Heart Lion
(The Breakfast Bunch Rattery)
Russian cinnamon collared downunder
Brave Heart Lion is playful and goofy. He is always romping about and playing with the other rats. He's a sweet gentleman and his fur is super soft. He's a very good boy.

(Panzy's Place Rattery)
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue Roan
Cid loves people and he loves attention. He came to us so he can join our new roan line. A fun little fact about Cid; his father is from a litter we helped rescue. We hand fed the babies and one of our nursing gals took them in. Now Cid's father has his own litter, and we are happy to have one of his sons.
LWRW Corvus ROUS Gonzo

LWRW Corvus
Dumbo-Eared Wheaten Burmese Marten
Corvus is a friendly, bumbling, goof ball that loves attention and pets. He's very outgoing but also likes to laze in the Space Pod or pile up in a hammock. He's very playful and enjoys a good tummy tickle.

ROUS Gonzo
(Rodents of Unusual Sweetness)
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue Agouti Roan Velveteen
Oh how we adore Gonzo. He's a very happy rat and he loves to be snuggled. He has laid on my neck through television shows while bruxing. Gonzo is part of our new roan line and is a fantastic addition to our family.
LWRW Crono LWRW Cyclops

LWRW Crono
Dumbo-Eared Golden
Our sweet little Crono was born with a bit of a motor skill problem. That being said, it does not stop him from doing everything his friends can do. He loves getting his breakfast every morning and takes his food very politely. He's a vibrant boy and we just love him.

LWRW Cyclops
Dumbo-Eared Blue Himalayan Marten Velveteen
Cyclops is our rattery's first red eye Marten. He's very playful and enjoys being tickled and wrestled with. He is often caught napping in the food bowl, but mostly snuggles with his friends. We love his big personality and fuzzy kissable belly.
LWRW Harstine LWRW Hector

LWRW Harstine
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Agouti Himalayan Marten
Harstine is a quiet and unassuming boy. He can mostly be found piled in a hammock with his buddies, but he always comes to the door when it's time for food. He's gentle, sweet, and very friendly. He's also very handsome!

LWRW Hector
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Agouti Point Siamese
Hector is a quiet boy who enjoys lazing about with his buddies. Not much seems to phase him until you tickle his belly. After that, he popcorns and often pounces and plays with a friend. He's a big sturdy fella and is always very sweet.
ROUS Howl LWRW Jack Skellington
(Rodents of Unusual Sweetness)
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Himalayan Marten Velveteen
Howl is a spunky little guy who loves playing and romping with the other rats. He can often be found blissful in a hammock piled under the larger boys. He charming and ridiculously adorable.

LWRW Jack Skellington
Dumbo-Eared Mandarin
Jack's color was a genetic mystery for a while and we weren't sure what to call him. Then we learned through Toyah on a UK rat genetics group that he is a pink-eyed golden. This color is officially known as Mandarin in the RatsPacNW rat club. He has a super plush coat and is very friendly and playful. He stands out from the others with his charming personality.

LWRW Jake LWRW Latte
Black Berkshire
This little fella can steal your heart with ease. You can expect to see him at the cage door as soon as you approach it. He's good at giving kisses and craves all of your attention. He's also very playful and you will often see him popcorn and brux.
LWRW Latte
Black-Eyed Agouti Himalayan Marten Velveteen
This handsome man is always curious and looking for ways to get into trouble. He loves people and runs to the door when he hears people come near the cage. Latte is also a fluff ball and puts up with our constant petting and kissing very well.
LWRW Link LWRW Luigi
Russian Blue Variegated Rex Velveteen
Link is a little ball of energy. He's always seeking attention and just loves to be pet and loved on. We're pretty sure he's going to grow into a very large boy. We can't resist covering his belly with kisses.
LWRW Luigi
Agouti Berkshire
This fellow is very laid back and goofy. He will gift you with kisses and run to the door to see what you're doing. We love his happy demeanor and how playful he is with the other boys.
ROUS Macau (Mac) LWRW Manatee
ROUS Macau (Mac)
(Rodents of Unusual Sweetness)
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Himalayan Marten Velveteen
This silly fellow is a real treat. He may not be the most graceful, but he's full of energy and loves to romp around. He can also often be found sound asleep by the cage door so that he can come out as soon as it opens.
LWRW Manatee
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Agouti Himalayan Marten Velveteen
Manatee is silly boy and he loves to romp and bumble about. You can't help but like him and he's always eager to receive your love and attention. Expect him to be begging for it by the door. He's also a big squishy ball of fluff!
LWRW Manticore LWRW Mario
LWRW Manticore
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Blue Himalayan Marten
Manticore is a little shy at first, but loves to be pet and doted on. He loves play time outside the cage and romps along the couch, always making certain to check up on us as he hurries on by. He hates to miss out on any pets and kisses.
LWRW Mario
Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire Velveteen
Mario is a laid back fellow and is generally very cheerful. He loves his cage mates and is an expert at hammock napping. He gets along with everyone and lives a pretty chill life. He's a big ol' squish!
tBBR Monferno LWRW Moose
tBBR Monferno
(The Breakfast Bunch Rattery)
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue Himalayan Marten
Monferno is a delight gifted to us from The Breakfast Bunch Rattery. He is a decedent of our Martens and will be added to our line to produce more Martens with red eyes. Monferno loves attention and comes to the door right away. He's a fantastic addition to our mischief!
LWRW Moose
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Seal Point Siamese Velveteen
Oh Moose, dear Moose. How do I describe you? This goof ball is both charming and sweet. He will bumble his way into your heart. In fact, I think he goes around stealing hearts for fun. He is a real delight and we love him.
LWRW Orion LWRW Pancake
LWRW Orion
Dumbo-Eared Black Variegated
Orion is a very sweet and gentle boy. He loves to play and will popcorn and brux after lots of pets and tickles. He gets along with every rat in the cage, and seems to be everyone's favorite buddy. He's very charming and we adore him.
LWRW Pancake
Russian Blue Berkshire
Pancake is another boy who was returned to us after his adopter couldn't keep him any longer. He is a lazy boy and likes to nap in boxes and in his space pod. He's very cuddly and likes to lick our hands while we pet him. He's a very sweet and docile boy.
LWRW Ralph Waldo Emerson LWRW Samwise
LWRW Ralph Waldo Emerson
Russian Blue Berkshire
Pancake is another boy who was returned to us after his adopter couldn't keep him any longer. He is a lazy boy and likes to nap in boxes and in his space pod. He's very cuddly and likes to lick our hands while we pet him. He's a very sweet and docile boy.
LWRW Samwise
Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire
Samwise is a plucky little boy. He loves to lick fingers and will run up to the front of the cage for attention. He gets along with all of the other boys, and I have to admit he's pretty stinkin' cute!
LWRW Theodor "Seuss" Geisel LWRW Woodhouse
LWRW Theodor "Seuss" Geisel
Black Berkshire Harley
Seuss is the very first Harley produced at our rattery! He has a very gentle nature and is friends with all the boys in the cage. His fur is silky and soft so it's good he likes being pet. Suess is very good natured and is a fantastic start to our Harleys!
LWRW Woodhouse
Black-Eyed Agouti Himalayan Marten
Woodhouse is a sweet little gentleman. He is friends with all of the boys and joins them when they come to the door for love. He thrives on attention and enjoys playing and having his belly tickled. He's a lovely little fellow and a wonderful addition to our c-locus line <3 Only downside is he can't make you Eggs Woodhouse.
LWRW Yosemite
LWRW Yosemite
Russian Blue Possum Dalmatian
Yosemite is quite the character. In fact, he's really just a little diva! It is not surprising, as he came from a long line of divas. He will charm the pants off anyone and knows how to pose for the camera. He knows he's cute and shamelessly uses it to his advantage. He's really just a sweet little dude.

The Gals

Now to meet the girls!

LWRW Ayla LWRW Banshee
Ayla is one of our very outgoing girls and will always beg to come out when she sees you. She rides on your shoulders and gives very sweet little kisses. She also has a lot of energy, but isn't nervous or flighty. We are very happy to have her in our Golden line.

LWRW Banshee
Dumbo-Eared Golden Velveteen
Banshee is a little Golden teddy bear covered in the softest fluff. She is very affectionate and gentle, but enjoys a good romp and belly tickle. You can usually find her happily romping around the couch.

LWRW Beans LWRW Chansey
LWRW Beans
Black-Eyed Agouti Point Siamese
Beans is so cute that it's painful. She likes to spend her days napping in hammocks and grooming her friends. She's one of our larger girls and her fur is plush and soft. She knows she's beautiful.
LWRW Chansey
Dumbo-Eared Golden Himalayan Marten
Chansey is a hammock rat and spends much of her time lounging in a rat pile. She is a sweet, friendly girl who enjoys lots of pets and being told she's a good girl. If you talk to her sweetly, she will brux in response.
LWRW Daisy LWRW Ditto

LWRW Daisy
Dumbo-Eared Agouti Banded
Our sweet little Daisy is a charming gal, always seeking attention and pets. She often lays next to us on the couch while she's out, or trots around sniffing things and giving kisses when we call. She has a laid back nature that we adore.

LWRW Ditto
Ditto is our very first Golden that isn't also Marten. She can be a little sassy, but loves attention and adventures outside the cage. She hates having her photo taken, which is a bummer because she's so pretty! Thankfully she doesn't mind being covered in kisses.
LWRW Gertrude (Gertie) Stein LWRW Gnome
LWRW Gertrude (Gertie) Stein
Black English Irish
We absolutely adore Gertrude. Not only is she adorable, but she's very loving and gentle. She also LOVES exploring, and will climb almost anything she can get on. We often call her Gertie or Go-Gert :) Her silky black coat is very soft and she gives very nice little kisses.
LWRW Gnome
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Blue Himalayan Marten Berkshire
Gnome is one of our smallest girls, and just happened to be well named. She's a dainty little thing and is genteel in all she does. She's also very curious and likes to explore her surroundings. Her sweet nature makes her irresistible.
LWRW Griffin LWRW Kagome
LWRW Griffin
Black-Eyed Agouti Homozygous Marten Irish Velveteen
Griffin is pretty much a mini version of her father, Latte. Gentle, sweet, and outgoing, we are thrilled to have her in our breeding program. She will continue to pass on her wonderful personality and sweet nature. She also has a soft, plush coat and the prettiest Marten markings. We just love her.
LWRW Kagome
Black Berkshire
There is much to say about Kagome. She is our most active girl, always flashing her belly at us to get our attention. She loves shoulders and loves hoodies even more. Since she's so curious, she often gets herself into mischief. That's okay though. No one can get angry at her adorable face. She knows she's cute and it smart enough to use it against you!
LWRW Kite LWRW Magnolia
Black-Eyed Agouti Himalayan Marten
Kite is another one of our lazy girls. She does love attention and will often brux when you pet her. She can sometimes be rather sassy and I have to say that it's somehow hilarious and adorable. She's quite a character and we love her to pieces.
LWRW Magnolia
Black-Eyed Seal Point Siamese Velveteen
This little girl is dainty and genteel. She loves human company and spends most of her time hovering around for attention when she is out to play. Her coat is amazingly soft and fluffy and she handles all of the kisses with grace. Despite being a bit shy at times, she is very outgoing.
LWRW Maya Angelou LWRW Medusa

LWRW Maya Angelou
Black Velveteen
Maya is an outgoing girl who reminds us so much of her father, Prismo. She's very people-oriented and always wants out to play and be pet. She is a very gentle girl who takes food from you nicely and gives wonderful kisses.

LWRW Medusa
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Blue Point Siamese Double Velveteen
We are pretty certain that Medusa is the reincarnation of her grandma KBR Biscuit. She has the same endearing personality and sweet lady-like demeanor. Her short fuzzy coat feels live soft velvet and she's always warm to the touch. She's a stellar little girl.
LWRW Merry LWRW Misato
LWRW Merry
Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire
This vibrant gal is always begging for our attention. Merry is outgoing and very interactive with us. She's always happy and doesn't seem to have any cares in the world. Her favorite activity is running all over us during play time outside the cage. She's always a lot of fun.

LWRW Misato
Russian Blue Dalmatian
Misato is a pure delight. Always happy and outgoing, but sweet and loving at the same time. You can count on Misato to groom you and let you give her some love and pets. She's a fantastic balance of an active doe and a laid back boy. You can count on her meeting you at the cage door.

LWRW Pegasus LWRW Phillis Wheatley
LWRW Pegasus
Dumbo-Eared Wheaten Burmese
Pegasus reminds us very much of her lovely mom LASC/SITH Owl. She is a very gentle soul and enjoys snuggling on necks, bruxing, and covering you in kisses. Pegasus was an instant keeper and I quickly marked her as our keeper. She is such a sweetie!
LWRW Phillis Wheatley
Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire Velveteen
Phillis is a fantastic mix of her parent's excellent traits. She's friendly, fearless, loves attention, and enjoys the company of her people. She enjoys romping around when she's out to play and will stop for kisses if you call her.
LWRW Rei ROUS Roberta

Agouti Berkshire
We just adore Rei. She loves to explore, but always comes right back to us for love. Riding on necks is a favorite activity, and she enjoys rooting around in blankets on the couch. She's a lovely mix of adventurer and snuggle bug and one of our most outgoing girls. Most likely the sweetest of them all.

ROUS Roberta
(Rodents of Unusual Sweetness)
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue Agouti
Roberta comes from a long line of simply lovely rats. Her personality is very sweet yet sassy. She carries Harley coat, so her fur is extra soft and cuddly. Thankfully she enjoys being lavished with kisses and love.
LWRW Sadie LWRW Salish

LWRW Sadie
Russian Blue Possum Dalmatian Rex
Sadie is a real character. She likes to act quite brave, but is often more cautious than not. She thinks belly poking through the bars tickles and always comes back for more. You will always see her by the bars begging to come out to play and she loves exploring while out and about.

LWRW Salish
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Blue Himalayan Marten Velveteen
If you want to know who the goofiest girl is, here you go! She's super sweet and gentle, but also a silly and aloof. You will always find her eagerly waiting to come out and play. Our personal opinion is that no one can resist Salish's charm. It doesn't take long for her to win you over!
LWRW Schala ROUS Sophie

LWRW Schala
Schala is one of our most dainty and genteel girls. Her amazing personality is a fantastic representation of where our Golden line is heading temperament-wise. She won Best of Show at the RatsPacNW Fall Show in 2018, scoring 99%, making her a Grand Champion. She is the sweetest little thing and we adore her.

ROUS Sophie
(Rodents of Unusual Sweetness)
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue Agouti
Sophie is a fantastic addition to our family coming to us from ROUS. She is plucky and loves human attention. She will slide under our hands when she wants to be petted, which is about the cutest thing ever. She has a bright and friendly disposition and we adore her.
LWRW Sylvia Plath LWRW Victoria

LWRW Sylvia Plath
Black Velveteen
Sylvia is a playful and curious girl. She's usually on the go, but also likes to snuggle with us and get kisses. She spends a lot of time with her sister Maya and they are rarely apart. Her favorite thing is play time on the couch with her friends.

LWRW Victoria
Russian Blue Possum Collared
Victoria is a diva and she knows how to get attention. She can't really get enough! Although she's often sassy, she's a very good girl who hops and bruxes when we play with her. When the camera is out, she knows it's time to strike a pose! She expects your love and admiration.
LWRW Whidbey tBBR Wigglytuff
LWRW Whidbey
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Seal Point Siamese Velveteen
Whidbey is another one of our goofy girls who is always friendly and constantly a klutz. What she lacks in suaveness she makes up for with her agreeable demeanor. You can expect to see her romping along in happy little leaps while she's out to play. Her coat is very soft and she's fun to smother in kisses.
tBBR Wigglytuff
(The Breakfast Bunch Rattery)
Dumbo-Eared Black-Eyed Russian Blue Point Siamese
This little girl is a total hoot. She's full of energy but always oh so friendly. She's incredibly soft and enjoys lots of pets and attention. You can bet Wigglytuff will be at the cage door when you open it. She's just so sweet <3
Dumbo-Eared Mandarin
Zero is likely the shyest of all of our girls. Being pink-eyed, her eyesight isn't very good so she's more wary. Despite her shyness, she is always very sweet and gentle when we spend time with her. She loves using the wheel and is often found taking a stroll in it.

The Fellas | The Gals