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ROUS Joan Crawford x LWRW Simon

Our love birds started honeymooning May 31, 2017.
15 babies were born on June 20, 2017
Unfortunately, we lost several babies as the litter was too large for Joan.
Babies will be available to my wait list starting around August 1, 2017.

*** Babies available only to wait list ***

ROUS Joan Crawford
(Rodents of Unusual Sweetness)
Dumbo dove Harley berkshire
LWRW Simon
Dumbo beige hooded

The Girls

LWRW Frodo
Dumbo Black Berskshire

Adopted by Alicia B.

LWRW Merry
Dumbo Black Berkshire


LWRW Pippin
Dumbo Black Berkshire
Adopted by Alicia B.

The Boys

LWRW Samwise
Dumbo Black Berkshire


ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
LWRW Simon
Dumbo-Eared Beige Hooded
LWRW Hawkeye
Beige Variegated
LWRW Dipper
Blue Possum Dalmatian
LWRW Reiko
Black Berkshire
KBR Lucca
Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire Velveteen
KBR Daryl
Dumbo-Eared Beige Berkshire Harley
Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire Velveteen
ROUS Joan Crawford
Dumbo-Eared Dove Berkshire Harley
RMIS Cubby
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue Berkshire
ROUS Strudel
Dumbo-Eared Black Banded
RMIS Sapphire
Russian Blue Irish Harley
ROUS Liz Taylor
Dove Harvel
SIN Sherman
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue Irish
ROUS Honey Bunny
Russian Blue Banded Harvel

Please visit my Planned Litters page to see my tentative breeding plans.